Conference Theme Objectives

The 5th iteration of the GHSYPs Summit seeks to foster a transformative learning environment by encouraging attendees in becoming critical, reflective and lifelong learners. The theme of this summit, The Challenge of Change, aims to explore and evaluate change at the individual, organizational, and systemic levels.

As such, the aim of the GHSYPs Summit is three-fold:

*Broad Theme:* The Challenge of Change – It Starts With Us

  1. *Subtheme #1:* Innovation
    How can SYPs challenge traditional ideas to create a culture of innovation in global health?
    How can emerging technologies be used to initiate meaningful change in the field of global health?
  2. *Subtheme #2:* Sustainability and Development
    How can we design global health initiatives for long-term results?
    How can global health initiatives adapt to and withstand a rapidly changing environment?
  3. *Subtheme #3:* Leadership and Accountability
    How can we capture the voices of communities when measuring the impact of global health initiatives?
    How can we ensure that global health decision-makers are held accountable to drive evidence-based policy?