Conference Theme Objectives

The 5th iteration of the GHSYPs Summit seeks to foster a transformative learning environment by encouraging attendees in becoming critical, reflective and lifelong learners. The theme of this summit, Becoming Change Agents in Global Health, aims to explore and evaluate change at the individual, organizational, and systemic levels.

As such, the aim of the GHSYPs Summit is three-fold:

  1. Creating change within your circle of influence
    • This aim will be achieved by:
      • Promoting advocacy and leadership skills
      • Understanding the role and types of activism, media and messaging in global health
      • Using media and research to develop your knowledge translation and dissemination skills
      • Connecting attendees with resources to advance their professional development
  2. Engaging change through transdisciplinary collaboration:
    • This aim will be achieved by:
      • Understanding the interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of global health
      • Understanding the complex interplay between law, politics and governance in shaping global health
      • Evaluating how the arts and sciences come together when conceptualizing meaningful global health projects and practices

  3. Promoting cultural competency and community-based approaches within global health
    • This aim will be achieved by:
      • Understanding the holistic framework of ‘cultural competency and humility’ in the context of vulnerable populations
      • Understanding how to promote local and global community-based practices
      • Understanding privilege and power dynamics in global health spheres

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