Planning Committee

The GHSYPs Summit is organized by a diverse group of passionate SYPs from across the country. The SYP story started over many coffees, as many stories start. There is a need, a demand, a group of talented and driven individuals who are knocking at the door. And they are asking for a chance. A chance to sit at the table. A chance to contribute. A chance to put their knowledge to work. A chance to make a difference in global health. We are these people.

  • Malcolm Hartman, Co-Chair, University of Toronto
  • Sabrina Lin, Co-Chair, McMaster University
Committee Members:
  • Gertrude Omoro, Speakers & Fundraising Support
  • Chantelle Ramsundar, Programming & Speakers Co-Lead, Guelph University
  • Japteg Singh, Programming & Speakers Co-Lead, McMaster University
  • Ali Alias, Programming & Speakers Co-Lead, McGill University
  • Esha Sharma, Posters Lead, McMaster University
  • Clara Tam, Partnerships Co-Lead
  • Humaira Nakhuda, Partnerships Co-Lead
  • Chandrashri Pal, Partnerships Co-Lead
  • Megan Janecka, Logistics Co-Lead,
  • Keerthana Pasumarthi, Logistics Co-Lead, McMaster University
  • Arthika Patmanathan, Fundraising Co-Lead
  • Erika Campbell, Fundraising Co-Lead, Queen’s University
  • Sakshi Mehta, Design & Website Lead, McMaster University
  • Nina Nguyen, Communications Co-Lead, University of Ottawa
  • Mariela Leda, Communications Co-Lead, McMaster University
  • Sarah Eshafi, Communications Co-Lead, McMaster University
  • Rumya Ninthiananthan, Accessibility Lead