2019 Posters and Oral Presentations

Title Author(s) Video
Family Planning in Rural Uganda: Evaluation of Soft Power Health’s Community Outreach Program Geneviève Fortin, & Kate Zinszer Click to watch
Use of mHealth interventions to reduce neonatal mortality in low- and middle-income countries: A scoping review Suad Ali, MSc, & Hasan S. Merali, MD, MPH Click to watch
Partnership is not ownership: Indigenous Peoples’ right to self-determination within sport for development in Canada Julia Silano, & Dr. Tait-Neufeld Click to watch
Innovating for the User: Conducting a needs assessment for the development and implementation of eLearning at paramedical institutes in Kenya. Rochelle Caruso Click to watch
Working with indigenous community health workers to understand the obstacles in implementing micronutrients programs in Ecuador Nardin Farag, Juana Morales, Luz Maria Conejo, & Alison Doucet MD Click to watch
Rapid Review: e-Mental health solutions in rural regions Michele LeBlanc Click to watch
Development of an e-Learning Mechanism to support a Pediatric Ophthalmology Fellowship Program in Ethiopia Max Solish, Roxanne Noronha, Asim Ali, Sadik T. Sherief, & Dr. Helen Dimaras Click to watch
Bridging the Gap: An Innovative Approach to Global Health Learning Anne Xuan-Lan Nguyen, Lucille Xiang, Hailey Blanchard, & Radhika Chhibber Click to watch
Analysis of Literature for Postpartum Depression (PPD) in South Asian Women Hafsa Omer, & Dr. Roopali Chaudhary Click to watch
Talent Is Equally Distributed, Opportunity Is Not. Habon Ali Click to watch
Analysis of chronic pain management in Canada and South Asia Harjot Jesse Sidhu Click to watch
Loneliness: An Emerging Public Health Crisis Juliana Hayden Click to watch
Building Capacity through Collaboration: McMaster University’s Role in the Saudi Arabia Postgraduate Medical Program Amelia Boughn Click to watch

Title Author(s) Video
Women’s empowerment in a context of free reproductive healthcare and family planning in rural Burkina Faso Camille Beaujoin, Alice Bila, Frank Bicaba, Véronique Plouffe, Abel Bicaba, & Thomas Druetz Click to watch
Gender Differences in Restraint Use: A Population-Based Cohort of Acute Psychiatric Hospital Patients in Ontario, Canada between 2006-2018. De-Oliveira, Polyana, & Perlman, Christopher Click to watch
Assessment of social activities by ANC/ MUN Med Gateway for young adult refugees Nguyet Nguyen, & Dr. Shree Mulay Click to watch
Pratiques et attitudes des utilisatrices de la planification familiale dans les districts sanitaires de Léo et Ouahigouya Tiendrebeogo C, Bicaba A, Sermé L, Bicaba F, & Druetz T Click to watch
Transgender inclusion and representation in the humanitarian WASH sector Tanya Narang Click to watch
Addressing Mental Health Support and Literacy in the Bidi Bidi refugee settlement in Northern Uganda Deea K Dev Click to watch
Assessing Barriers to eConsult Service Expansion in Northern Ontario Jessica Morris, & Clare Liddy Click to watch
Global strategies to obtain informed consent or assent in research with individuals with sensory disabilities: A scoping review Abinethaa Paramasivam, Atul Jaiswal, Renu Minhas, Walter Wittich, Roxanna Spruyt-Rocks Click to watch
Advocating for global health equity for female refugees: A paper comparing barriers in Canada and the U.K. in accessing sexual and reproductive health services Hazel Dhaliwal, & Hasrat Grewal Gill Click to watch
Refugee and Forced Migration: The Concept of Resilience Rasha Mansour Click to watch
The Wild West of International Health in Labour Bronson Ha Click to watch
Expanding the BC Tripartite First Nations Health Plan Model to Inuit Communities Shiven Sharma, & Keshav Sharma Click to watch
Agent-Based Modelling in Global Health: An Analysis of Various Social Distancing Policies using COBWEB Adebisi Akande, Muhammad Ansar, & Matthew Oliveira Click to watch
Evaluation of a Participatory Video Pilot Program with People Accessing a safe consumption site for Intravenous Drug Use Janhavi Patel, Malik Zain Raza, Rachel Denman, & Selina Dong Click to watch

Title Author(s) Video
Combating Physician-Assisted Genocide through Anti-Oppressive Pedagogies in Canadian Undergraduate Medical Education to prevent Coercive Sterilization of Indigenous Women Erika Campbell BScH, MA, PhD Candidate, & Karen Lawford BScH, BHSc, MA, PhD Click here to watch
The Socio-Economic Effects of COVID-19 On Canadian Youth Asima Hudani, Cathy Jian, Celine Guirguis, Emily Nie, Katrina Artes,Linda Duong, Michelle Xiao, Mina Chong, Palak Agarwal, Sara Gehlaut, Rahma Osman, Ria Patel, Risheena Banerji, Valerie Shirobokov, & Vanessa Wong Click here to watch
The flaws and required updates to Canadian public health law elucidated by COVID-19 Sophie Campbell Click here to watch
Use of experiential learning in a spiral curriculum to improve learning of social accountability and global health in UGME: a curriculum proposal Oliver Fung, & Yvonne Ying Click here to watch
The impact of not breastfeeding on newborn infectious disease outcomes: a challenge to research design and methodology Purva Mehta BMSc., MSc., & Dr. James Litch MD, DTMH Click here to watch
Neglected Tropical Diseases Global Health Advocacy: A Canadian Perspective Ritika Bhattacharya, Prerana Rudrapatna, Babac Salmani, Leshawn Benedict, & Gordon Thane Click here to watch
The Effects of Climate Change & Lyme Disease: An Assessment of the Canadian Federal Framework to Combat Lyme Disease Musaab Younis, MBBS, MPH, & Sydney McGillis, RN, MPH, MHIS(c) Click here to watch
Creating a student-led green shift in the healthcare system: a scoping review of initiatives and methods to make hospitals more sustainable Yseult Gibert, Yousra-Imane Benaskeur, Sara Medina Kasasni, Nissrine Ammar, Florence Chiarella, Jeanne Lavallée, Anne-Sophie Lê, Maria Alexandra Rosca, Koorosh Semsar-Kazerooni, Tharaniya Vallipuram Click here to watch
Applying equity-centered principles in an interprofessional global health course: a mixed methods study Lisa Stallwood, Prince Adu, Barbara Astle, & Annalee Yassi Click here to watch
Investigating the Role of Community Health Workers in Providing Health Services to those Impacted by Extreme Weather Events in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Scoping Review Kruti Patel, MSc student in Epidemiology, Chantelle Ramsundar, PhD(c), & Warren Dodd, PhD Click here to watch
Environmental concerns in racialized, migrant communities: Montréal’s Ilankai (Sri Lankan) Tamil community Kabisha Velauthapillai, & Jill Hanley Click here to watch
Vaccine Development in the Era of COVID-19 Pranav Tandon Click here to watch
The association between food security and health among people living with HIV/AIDS in India Supriya Aryal Click here to watch