Workshop #4 Facilitators

Hosted by Results Canada. Results Canada is a nonprofit advocacy organization of passionate people committed to raising our voices for a world without extreme poverty. We combine the voices of our volunteers with strategic areas of focus to improve policies and leverage resources for programs that give people living in poverty the health, education, and opportunity they need to thrive.

Ekatha Ann John

Ekatha Ann John is the Global Health Policy and Advocacy Manager for Results Canada, a grassroots advocacy organization working to create the political will to end extreme poverty. She has 12 years of combined experience as a multimedia journalist and in strategic positioning and advocacy, building strategic partnerships, and supporting grassroots movements in Canada, the UK, and South Asia. A Chevening scholar, she completed her Master’s in Migration, Culture and Global Health Policy from Queen Mary University of London, UK, and spent time in Geneva undertaking research in gender inequity in global health leadership. She works as a consultant editor for Stop TB Partnership and is also co-leading a British Council-funded project to identify research priorities and set the agenda for migration, health, and rights in South Asia.

Leigh Raithby 

Leigh Raithby is a Policy and Advocacy Officer at Results Canada, where her work focuses on building the political will to eliminate tuberculosis. Leigh is also part of the secretariat of Stop TB Canada, a network of individuals across Canada who are committed to ending tuberculosis at home and abroad. Prior to embarking on this work, Leigh completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences and a Master of Management of Applied Science in Global Health Systems at Western University.