The Canadian Global Health Students & Young Professionals Summit (GHSYPs) aims to give space to students and young professionals (SYPs) involved or interested in the global health field. This is the forum for global health SYPs to connect, network, engage, and be inspired. Leading experts, as well as outstanding SYPs, will explore the upcoming global health challenges of our time and report on how Canadians are leading in this arena. Participants will also be challenged to think about how they may leverage their existing skills, seek out professional development opportunities, and become agents of change in an ever-diversifying global health sphere.

The GHSYPs Summit is organized by a diverse group of passionate SYPs from across the country. The SYP story started over many coffees, as many stories start. There is a need, a demand, and a group of talented and driven individuals who are knocking at the door. They are asking for a chance to sit at the table. A chance to contribute. A chance to put their knowledge to work. A chance to make a difference in global health. GHSYPs is this group of people.

SYPs are eager to learn while also being fierce contributors to society and passionately involved in the world around them. SYPs are trailblazers who are not necessarily young but at an early stage in their careers. Since it is common for individuals to change careers multiple times, being a young professional is not about age, but being young at heart.